Anniversary Photo Session In Downtown Halifax

After shooting this wonderful anniversary session in downtown Halifax this past summer I’ve decided that everyone needs to celebrate anniversaries with some beautiful photos together. Such a great idea! I was also lucky enough to see these two just a couple months earlier for some updated family photos with their adorable little boy too. I can’t wait to see them again for their 2017 photos!

tlwp-halifax-wedding-photography_1361tlwp-halifax-wedding-photography_1362tlwp-halifax-wedding-photography_1363tlwp-halifax-wedding-photography_1375tlwp-halifax-wedding-photography_1360tlwp-halifax-wedding-photography_1355tlwp-halifax-wedding-photography_1357tlwp-halifax-wedding-photography_1356tlwp-halifax-wedding-photography_1364TLWP Halifax Wedding Photography_1377.jpgtlwp-halifax-wedding-photography_1365tlwp-halifax-wedding-photography_1374tlwp-halifax-wedding-photography_1366tlwp-halifax-wedding-photography_1370tlwp-halifax-wedding-photography_1368tlwp-halifax-wedding-photography_1367tlwp-halifax-wedding-photography_1369tlwp-halifax-wedding-photography_1371tlwp-halifax-wedding-photography_1372tlwp-halifax-wedding-photography_1373

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